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Modern Staircase

Corporate Leasing Solutions

To maximize owners rental property income while minimizing the stress and effort involved in managing the property. Our vision is commitment to professionalism, tenant satisfaction, and property upkeep which will ensure a mutually beneficial partnership. 

What we have to offer 

Your Dream Renter

Corporate Lease 

A steady stream of income, minimizing vacancy's, and providing consistent rental income. 

Property Inspections

We maintain high cleanliness standards to ensure a pleasant living environment for all tenants. 

Our professional cleaning team will perform monthly cleaning of the common areas and shared spaces within the property. 

Property Management 

With our property management services, you no longer need to concern yourself with minor repairs and maintenance under $200. We understand that such issues can be time-consuming and potentially disruptive for landlords. 

24-7 Support

We ensure prompt communication and efficient problem-solving to maintain tenant satisfaction and property upkeep. 

24-7 Customer Support: Our responsive customer support team is available round the clock to address any concerns or queries from tenants or property owners. 

Advanced Technology

Our soft ware provides many modes of communication through texts and emails to keep owners and tenants informed. This is especially important when dealing with repairs. 

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